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Company believes that the preconstruction effort and coordination during the early stages of a project are paramount to its success.

With 5+ years of construction experience, our qualified team of preconstruction managers, estimating professionals, and inhouse virtual preconstruction specialists will provide you with comprehensive service to maximize your investment.

Our preconstruction services:
  • Establish and maintain clear lines of communication amongst all firms involved in the preconstruction effort, so that information can flow freely.
  • Management of the project budget throughout the design evolution, with estimates provided at major design milestones.
  • Provide costs savings and value engineering recommendations in addition to constructability and feasibility analysis.
  • Proactive project planning and scheduling, providing a seamless transition from design into construction.

Throughout all preconstruction activities, our overarching goal is to support the vision, integrity, and quality of the project’s program and design.

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