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Company recognizes the importance of providing sustainable construction services in the effort to reduce environmental impacts. Our commitment to sustainable construction has led to green project initiatives that exceed contractual obligations for LEED and other green program requirements.

The key to successful sustainable construction is early contractor involvement. We collaborate with the owner and design team in the early project stages to understand the design intent and vision. Our team of experienced LEED-accredited professionals can provide assistance with preconstruction planning, cost estimating and constructability reviews in relation to sustainable programs. These services can include the diversion of construction site waste from landfills; the development and control of indoor air quality plans; the procurement and installation of sustainable materials; and the documentation of construction for compliance to LEED standards.

As part of our full commitment to sustainable construction, we work closely with building developers to incorporate sustainable solutions into their projects that result in productive, environmentally efficient buildings now and in the future.

Leaders in Sustainable Construction Practices
  • Staff of experienced LEED-accredited professionals
  • Company collaboration with owner and design team result in innovative sustainable solutions
  • Procurement and installation of sustainable materials
  • Up to 92% of construction waste diverted from landfills
  • Documentation of construction for compliance to LEED standards
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